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WordPress Vulnerability Report

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Scan URL:
Scan Date: Sun Feb 25 16:32:39 2018 (UTC+1)
WordPress Version: 4.9.4

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Is my site really vulnerable?

We have a good indication that your site is vulnerable and can be exploited by hackers or malware bots. This means that currently your data is not safe and the integrity of your WordPress cannot be guaranteed. It is essential that you upgrade to the latest version for your WordPress installation and all the themes and plugins you use. Below we will give you more information about how to improve security and about what issues we found on your website. Disclaimer: Since we used automated software there could be a small chance that your site is safe because we made a false positive. In addition, we don't provide a full overview of all vulnerabilities and we don't scan your server for server security.

What did we scan?

WPSec.com uses the advanced scanning technology of WPScan which we combine with our own intelligent scanning algorithms. We scan for known bugs that have been indexed in the WPScan Vulnerability Database, which contains over 8000 reported vulnerabilities. Our scanner tries to identify the plugins you run and will compare their versions against the bug database. In addition, we scan for several well-known mistakes that people make when setting up their WordPress installation. Many thanks to the WPScan Team for maintaining the bug database and providing a perfect vulnerability scanner to the community.

WordPress is vulnerable

You are running an outdated WordPress version. Please update to the latest version.

Your are running WordPress version 4.9.4. This version is vulnerable to several security issues that might be exploited to gain access to your WordPress installation. Therefore, it is essential to update to the newest version of WordPress. Automatically update in the WordPress backend or download the newest WordPress version from the link below.

Download WordPress Update

Plugins & Themes

We have identified several plugins and themes in your WordPress installation. Always keep them up to date.

2m[+] Name: twentyseventeen - v1.4


2m[+] Name: sam-pro-free - v1.8.2.51

Update to version

Plugin Is Vulnerable - See Why »

Information Leakage

While leaking information is not a direct threat to security, it can facilitate an attacker to gain access to your systems. Therefore, it is recommended to review the following leaked info to see if it contains sensitive data.

The WordPress '' file exists exposing a version number

Full Path Disclosure (FPD) in '':

Interesting header: LINK: ; rel="https://api.w.org/"

Interesting header: SERVER: Apache/2.4.10 (Debian)

Interesting header: X-POWERED-BY: PHP/5.6.33

This site has 'Must Use Plugins' (http://codex.wordpress.org/Must_Use_Plugins)

XML-RPC Interface available under:

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