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Advanced Scan Technology

Deep Scan Technology

We use an advanced vulnerability scanner based on WPScanner and our custom technology to check your WordPress website. It includes a database with the latest bugs and security features.

Instant Scans

Instant Scans

Sometimes you just want to do a quick check to see if a WordPress site is still secure. By using our instant scan feature you can quickly get access to a free security report.

Automatic Scans

Automatic Scans

When you decide to register for an account we can automatically scan all your websites on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to effortlessly keep track of your security.

All-in-one Dashboard

All-in-one Dashboard

When you have multiple WordPress websites it can be a pain in the ass to keep track of them. Add them only once to your account and always keep track in your dashboard.

Push Notifications

Push Notifications

Wouldn't it be nice if someone would tell you when to update your WordPress without having to login? We send push notifications by email or via WebHooks.

Advanced Reports

Advanced Reports

Our reports are easy to understand without the need to be a security expert. We tell you what is wrong and how to solve it in our advanced reports.

Why you should secure your WordPress

Right now way over 170.000 WordPress websites are vulnerable.*

Over 75 million websites run on WordPress. Remarkably enough thousands of WP sites are vulnerable to attacks and get hacked each day. You can lose all your data, it can cost thousands of dollars, or worse, attackers might use your WordPress to target your visitors. Bots scan the web automatically for weak websites and hack into them within seconds. If your WordPress is vulnerable, it will be only a matter of time before you run into trouble. That's why you should get started as soon as possible and check if your WordPress is prone to attack.

How WordPress websites get hacked:
  • 29&Vulnerable themes
  • 22%Vulnerable plugins
  • 8%  Weak passwords
  • 41%Hosting vulnerabilities

* Source: The Hacker News, March 2014 (view full article)

Awesome Dashboard

Complete list of our features for your understanding

Advanced Scan Technology

WordPress Security Scan For all the scans we perform we use the latest technology in vulnerability scanners. Our custom scanning technology includes the use of WPScanner, the most reliable and up-to-date WordPress scanning software. In addition, we keep track of all known bugs in WordPress and have a reliable database to query for this. If there is a bug or security issue with your WordPress it will most likely show up in our scans. Our scanning technology relies on deep scans and can provide instant reports.

Handy Dashboard

WordPress Vulnerability Scan When you register for a free account you will get a handy dashboard in which you can keep track of all your WordPress websites. This way you have a clear overview of which sites need security updates and you don't have to worry that you missed one of your sites in your maintenance cycles. We will clearly indicate which sites are most vulnerable and have highest priority for updates. Register now and buy peace of mind for free!

Advanced Reporting

Advanced Security Report All security reports that we generate are easy to understand without any in-depth technological knowledge. We will clearly tell you if your WordPress site is at risk and give you information on how to solve the security issues as soon as possible. This way you can use our advanced reports as a tool to patch all your WordPress blogs.

Push Notifications

When you register for a free account we give you the option to receive push notifications as soon as we discover your WordPress is running outdated and risky plugins or themes. If we discover any other security issues we will keep you posted by email or smartphone push messages. That way you don't have to check each WordPress backend to see if there are new versions available.

Never Worry Again

Never Worry About WordPress Hacks Sign up for free and only add all your WordPress sites once to notify us of what we need to monitor. With regular intervals we will scan your websites and tell you when you need to take action. Instead of worrying about updating your WordPress or potential security issues, you can sit back and relax. Make a nice cup of coffee, read a book or focus on what is really important for you or your business. Let us worry about the rest!

The benefits of a free account

Create an account and get full access!

Instead of using our free basic scan you can create an account at WP Scans. Signing up as a returning visitor is free and easy, it will only take a few minutes. Some of the benefits of creating an account are:

  • Dasboard with complete overview of all your WordPress websites
  • Push notifications and email alerts as soon as we discover a vulnerable site
  • Automated daily, weekly or monthly scans of all your WordPress sites
  • More advanced scans with our deep scan technology
  • Instant access to your scan results and scan history

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